Walker’s Greenhouse Fundraiser

Hi Band Parents!

The Band is doing another fundraiser, this time with Walker Greenhouses. The way things work is in normal times, each year each group travels at least once per year. In the past, we have taken kids to New York, Cuba, Toronto… I have attached a photo of us with a group getting ready to fly to Ottawa a few years back so you can remember those beautiful pre-Covid times kids got to do cool things!
We set up an account for each student, and any money they raise gets set aside for future trips just for them. We are SO excited to get back into traveling as pandemic restrictions begin to ease up and so we are making sure we are fundraising now so your kids can have amazing middle school and high school experiences with us.
I have attached the order form to this email.

I really want to point out the gift cards as an ideal sell – I know I have a flower problem and I easily spent $200/year on flowers anyways… so the past few years I have been buying the gift cards from this band fundraiser as the band gets 20% off those gift cards, so I spend the $200 I would anyways, and the band gets $40 we can put towards the band! This is a really easy sell for you and your friends and family as I know I’m not the only one who gets carried away when the snow finally melts… not everyone is as crazy as me but even on a $100 gift card, $20 goes directly to your kid for future trips… great deal on something people would spend anyways!
Of course, there are also pre-selected flower baskets and plant starters for those of you who want to know exactly what you are getting in advance…. and a percentage of those sales go to your kid as well.
Forms are due March 2.
I am super excited to start dreaming for the fun trips that lay ahead for your kids in the band program!… Look at this photo and imagine your kids in it! Any questions, feel free to ask myself, David or Sandra 🙂
Mrs. Brooks