Pre-Ordering an Instrument

Instruments must be rented by Squeak and Squawk so students can begin learning their instrument with their peers.

Final instrument selection is done on the first day of day band and the instrument list will be emailed out to parents and to Sight and Sound.

Students have 3 choices:

1. Rent from Sight and Sound from Terrace, the instrument rental company. This is the option we assume students will take unless we hear otherwise. This is the best option for many as it is a rent-to-own program at a fair price, so if your child continues in band they will own their instrument. Sight and Sound comes to town one day each year at Squeak and Squawk. Instruments can be pre-ordered online. This is generally a better deal for smaller, less expensive instruments.

2. Rent from SD60. The cost is $200/year, but this is a rent-only program. We only have limited numbers of certain instruments. Students do not own this instrument, and it must be returned in June each year and rented again in September. SD60 rentals need to be confirmed before September 21 or they will not be guaranteed for Squeak and Squawk at your child’s rental time. Financial assistance is available.

3. Buy an instrument. If you go this route, you absolutely must consult with Mr. Price or Mrs. Brooks as there are some very poor discount instruments on the market, particularly from “Big Box Stores”, that can cause your child to have a frustrating and unproductive band experience.

Not sure what to play? Here are the choices for beginner band: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone and Percussion. Mr. Price provides an overview here: